DIY Pressed Leaves Pendant

Ever since I started following the prolific Marian McEvoy on Instagram, I’ve obsessed over finding a way to replicate her process of collaging pressed flowers in frames. I ended up with a simple DIY to keep the flowers looking fresh all winter (and longer).

Book Review: The Alchemy of Things

“The alchemy of things explores interior spaces at the edges of the decoratively possible,” McCartney writes. Her exploration of eighteen homes bring the reader inside spaces that have been worked and re-worked, styled and curated over many years to culminate in what one of the homeowners describes as a diary – a catalog of personal obsessions and eccentricities.

Setting the Table: A Recipe

From work, to grocery store, to meal prep, to table, I barely have time to answer the buzzer at weeknight dinner parties, let alone set the table. But after a few hundred of these, I’ve found a few things that I can do to focus on my friends rather than stressing over settings.

DIY Modern Art Topiary

Create a zero-maintenance preserved moss topiary out of pre-made styrofoam balls, or make a custom shape like my Walking Flower by sculpting builder’s insulation into any form you want. This easy DIY costs $15 or less and can be finished in as little as an hour.