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DIY Pressed Leaves Pendant

Ever since I started following the prolific Marian McEvoy on Instagram, I’ve obsessed over finding a way to replicate her process of collaging pressed flowers in frames. I ended up with a simple DIY to keep the flowers looking fresh all winter (and longer).

Setting the Table: A Recipe

From work, to grocery store, to meal prep, to table, I barely have time to answer the buzzer at weeknight dinner parties, let alone set the table. But after a few hundred of these, I’ve found a few things that I can do to focus on my friends rather than stressing over settings.

DIY Modern Art Topiary

Create a zero-maintenance preserved moss topiary out of pre-made styrofoam balls, or make a custom shape like my Walking Flower by sculpting builder’s insulation into any form you want. This easy DIY costs $15 or less and can be finished in as little as an hour.