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Setting the Table: A Recipe

From work, to grocery store, to meal prep, to table, I barely have time to answer the buzzer at weeknight dinner parties, let alone set the table. But after a few hundred of these, I’ve found a few things that I can do to focus on my friends rather than stressing over settings.

DIY Modern Art Topiary

Create a zero-maintenance preserved moss topiary out of pre-made styrofoam balls, or make a custom shape like my Walking Flower by sculpting builder’s insulation into any form you want. This easy DIY costs $15 or less and can be finished in as little as an hour.

Vernacular Architecture and its Ambassadors

Ambassadors’ residences tend to be excellent examples of vernacular interior design styles, as they’re often crafted out of the best examples of their country’s furniture, art, and decorative objects. These formal dining rooms, living rooms, foyers, and even gardens are designed to showcase the countries they represent, without the institutional coldness of embassies.

Starting Small

New York apartments can get pretty small. My first solo-apartment was a 280 square foot (that's 1.5 parking spots) half-floor of a brownstone