All in House Tour

Book Review: The Alchemy of Things

“The alchemy of things explores interior spaces at the edges of the decoratively possible,” McCartney writes. Her exploration of eighteen homes bring the reader inside spaces that have been worked and re-worked, styled and curated over many years to culminate in what one of the homeowners describes as a diary – a catalog of personal obsessions and eccentricities.

House Tour: Scandi-Japanese Minimalism at Charlene's One Bedroom

Charlene Chai, an architect, designed all 450 square feet of her one bedroom apartment before renovating the space herself in September 2016. Her careful planning didn’t always prepare her for everything, but it helped her stay within a tight budget, transforming her once all-pink granny pad into a totally sleek, chic, Scandi-Japanese space that matches her personality (and her wardrobe) to a T.

House Tour: Storied Objects in Aidan's Brooklyn One-Bedroom

The thing that strikes you most about Aidan’s space are his collections. He’s a reporter, a prolific traveler and photographer with a story for just about everything. When asked how he’d describe his style, he says he’s aiming for “a place Indiana Jones would want to have a cocktail.” From his space, his stories and his way with a cocktail shaker – I think he’s got that covered.